Grab any of the below files and enjoy:

HWSensors 6.25.1426 (Binaries)

HWSensors 6.24.1421 (Binaries)

HWSensors 6.23.1417 (Binaries)

IMPORTANT NOTE: Latest updates introduced installer issue that prevents HWMonitor from download and run autoupdater. Click Here to download image file with latest binaries or click Here to download the installer

HWSensors 6.21.1412 (Binaries)

HWSensors 6.20.1410 (Binaries)

HWSensors 6.19.1406 (Binaries)

HWSensors 6.18.1394 (Binaries)

HWSensors 6.17.1386 (Binaries)

HWSensors 6.16.1372 (Binaries)

HWSensors 6.15.1370 (Binaries)

HWSensors 6.14.1364 (Binaries)